FIRA is the opportunity to share knowledge, innovations and experiences with agricultural robotics experts from around the world. It is also an event dedicated to collaboration and business. By participating, you will find the right information, the good partner, the good suppliers and develop your own project in agricultural robotics. It is also the place to build a worldwide community for promoting and developing the agricultural robotics sector.
Important: from registration to the virtual experience, all contents are in english. Translation in 27 languages is only provided for live chats.

Full registration fees include

  • 3 days access to the full virtual event platform to participate in live at FIRA
  • Access to the platform until June 2021
  • Access to all FIRA sessions (Keynotes, Workshops, Scientific Workshop, Robot Demos, Pitches, Talk tables)
  • Access to the exhibition hall and live chat with exhibitors
  • Access to the networking lounge for live chat with all attendees
  • Personnel briefcase with all contents and documents to upload
  • Participation to a second networking event (1st semester 2021)
  • FIRA 2020 e-whitebook


Registration is online, and payment can be made with your credit card on a secure server. Registration per phone will not be processed.


Group Registrations:
Please contact FIRA organizer:

Registration Enquiries / Questions :

FIRA Tickets

Early Birduntil 30 Sept. 2020€ 99
Regular ticketuntil 30 June 2021€ 150
Farmersuntil 30 June 2021Free *
Students, retireduntil 30 June 2021
€ 39 *

* proof may be required and after verification, the organizer reserves the right to change your registration.

Important Information

Terms & Conditions

Download the Registration Terms & Conditions here.

Registration fees

All fees are in Euros (view the current foreign exchange rates at and cover participation to the FIRA 2020 and associated events that could be organized on the FIRA virtual platform.

Only for french registrations, the price includes 20% VAT.


These fees cover full access to the FIRA: exhibition hall, webinars, demos and scientific workshop, networking lounge, 1:1 meetings and group discussions.

This starts on December, 8th 2020 at 8:00 am and ends on December,10th 2020 at 10:00 pm.

Tickets are nominative, non-exchangeable and cannot be transferred to another person.


The FIRA will not reimburse registration fees based on inaccurate information and registration profiles.

Insurance and Liability Disclaimer

The FIRA organizers cannot be held liable for the interruption or the cancellation of the event due to Force Majeure (political, social, health or economic events or any other unforeseen incidents beyond their control).

A participant’s registration implies acceptance of the cancellation policies.

Frequently asked questions

When can I register for the 2020 FIRA?

Registrations are now open: following this link.

When does registration close?

June 30th, 2021.

When will I have access to the FIRA virtual platform?

The platform will be accessible on December 8th at 8 a.m. until july 2021. During the 3 days of the event, the platform will be working 24/24, the program will be running  from 9.00 am to 10.00 pm (UTC+1).The partners will be reachable during this period, however, depending on their time zone, they may be available during their own office hours.

We will offer networking sessions for our attendees and partners by early 2021.

When will I receive information to access the FIRA?

1 week before the event, you will receive your virtual access badge by email and the process to enter the virtual platform, as well as your attendee guide to optimise your use of the platform and then make sure that you enjoy your virtual experience.

Who is eligible to attend?

Everyone that has registered and paid the entry ticket among those categories: 

  • Farmers
  • Agro-industrials
  • Agro manufacturers
  • Technological solutions suppliers
  • Robot manufacturers
  • Public institutions 
  • Retailers and producers
  • Investors
  • Journalists
  • Students

Can a group of us at our agency pay for one registration and all participate together in a conference room?

No: every person has to pay for his/her own ticket. The attendee profile is nominative and cannot be shared. The platform does not  allow multiple users on the same profile: you will all be loged out!

What will be the event time zone?

UTC/GMT +1 hour

How will you manage the different time zones?

Wherever you stand in the world, take part in the 2020 FIRA !

  • Fira Virtual platform will be open 24/24 until July 2021
    • Simplified connection with attendees and partners from the same region.
    • Content available on demand after the event.
    • Simplified interaction with an integrated mailbox to leave messages.


  • Large opening hours 
    • 3 days, from 9 a.m to 10 p.m
    • Connection with the East in the morning, and with the West in the afternoon.
    • Common time slot with all partners and attendees from 2 to 5 p.m


  • The program has been adapted
    • It has been built according to the home country of our speakers and so that all participants from any region can participate in live sessions.
    • Have a virtual coffee to keep you awake while following the robot demonstrations in the middle of the night!

Will the different time zones be a problem in order to follow the full event?

We have organised the event in a way that participants coming from different time zones can have access to as much contents as possible in live. Opening hours of FIRA will be adapted and wide enough to allow people to watch the contents wherever they stand in the world. If it is not the case, they will be able to watch the different conferences and all the resources on demand. Furthermore, if an exhibitor or a participant is missing, you will be able to leave him a message in order to set up a business meeting within the 3 days of the event. 

How will I be able to interact with the speakers and the participants?

You will be able to submit questions in the text chat during conferences. They will be collected and given to the speaker.

You will have access to the list of participants and click on their profile to speak to them in a one-to-one conversation chat, or in a group discussion.

Furthermore, the “networking lounge” will be the dedicated room of the FIRA for chatting with fellow participants. You will be able to start group conversations, share your e-business card or even engage in private discussions.

Can I book meeting sessions with an exhibitor?

Yes, you can pre-set one to one conversation with an exhibitor by going to his booth. If the rep. you want to talk with is already in a conversation, it will be possible for you to book a meeting time slot.

Can I talk in my own language?

Yes, you have a live language translation on the chat. Moreover, on attendees profile, you will find the country so it will be possible to find compatriots!

How does the business lounge work?

In the business lounge, it is possible to get in touch with our partners or fellow participants, start group discussions on various subjects, exchange business cards, and… have a virtual coffee!

I am not available on one of the three days of the event, what are my options?

Conferences and content will be available on demand during the 3 days and until June 2021.

How can I upload documents in my virtual briefcase ?

Your virtual briefcase allows you to store many documents (pdf, images, videos…) that are available on the platform. Once a document is saved in your briefcase, you will be able to download it, send it through an email or even share it social media, so that you can access it after the event.

I am experiencing technical issues during the event, what should I do?

If you are already on FIRA virutal platform: you should go to the Help Desk and test your connection. Before the event, you will receive our tips for a good virtual experience.

If you can not enter the FIRA virtual platform: please contact us.

After the conference, when will the sessions be available on-demand?

Right after the event.

Do I need a web cam?

Yes if you want to engage video conversation with our partners on their booth. But if you are only using chat conversation, it will not be needed.

Do I need anything special to participate to the FIRA?   What are the technology requirements for accessing the conference using a personal computer?

 The only equipment you need is a computer connected to the internet, no software or specific technology is required. The platform is cross-device compatible and does not need you to adapt your equipment.

To get the best virtual experience, we recommend connecting to the internet using a network cable. It will be better than a wireless network.

Here is the best setup possible:

  • Google Chrome offers the best navigation experience.
  • Minimum monitor resolution: 1024×768
  • Network configuration required: 1,4mbps minimum.
  • You will be able to assess your equipment right on the platform.

Will this replace the physical FIRA in the future?

No, it is a pleasure to welcome you in a physical version! It is also important to see robots in a real expo zone. But from the beginning, all our conferences are broadcast live so in the future, we will keep a hybrid version, virtual and physical, to reach a largest audience and gather the most agricultural robotics friends!

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