Drawing on personal experience from Google X, NASA and several autonomous vehicle companies, Verdant’s computational robotic and autonomous software systems combine decades of advancements in scientific fields – including computer vision, artificial intelligence, robotics, GPS-denied navigation, chemistry, and soil and plant sciences – to achieve the next generation of crop production. Verdant’s RaaS model opens the door for more farmers to have immediate access and reap the benefits of efficiency and profitability - without the expense of purchase. In addition, Verdant' millimeter-accurate spraying capability reduces input application up to 95%, which immediately translates into savings and expands opportunities to access premium organics on a large scale. In some crops, Verdant has unlocked an additional 2-3x net profit for farmers – due to an improved bottom line and greater insight into crop management. This is only possible because of Verdant's unique combination of perception software and multi-action hardware. After listening to the challenges farmers wanted solved by automation, we opted to put the brains in the back – and keep the farmer in the driver’s seat. Verdant’s implement supports a much broader set of farmers than a fully autonomous solution due to the immediate ROI delivered to farms of almost any size. It’s important to note that Verdant’s mobile base is tractor-agnostic and more accessible to farmers based on current market realities.

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