La Chevre


Nexus Robotics engaged Inertia Product Development to help design and manufacture an autonomous, AI-guided weed picking robot. We navigate our robot autonomously using the RTK GPS system and control remotely.
NEXUS ROBOTICSBooth 8Nexus Robotics is a Quebec-based agricultural robotics startup founded by two long-term friends Teric Greenan and Jad Tawil in 2017. After working at a vegetable farm for three years, Teric realized that he has been spending a significant amount of time, resources and energy controlling the weed population. Teric spoke to larger producers at the local farmers market about challenges with weeding and other repetitive tasks which inspired the idea to create Nexus Robotics. On the other hand, Jad took a lead role in designing, developing, and implementing software systems at Nexus.Fast forward two years later, Nexus Robotics has developed the first autonomous machine named La Chevre that uses articulating arms to pull weeds and eliminate the need for chemicals and all that entails. La Chevre uses cameras, sophisticated AI technology and neural networks to differentiate between weeds and crops. It specializes in vegetable crops and removes weeds accurately without damaging the crop. The robot can recognize different stages of the crop and remove weeds while operating 24 hours a day.Today, Nexus robotics is a team of 20 technologists and agriculturists. Currently, we are serving vegetable producers across Canada mainly in Ontario and Quebec and soon expanding to California and Arizona markets. The incredible journey of Nexus has just begun, and we have already started to implement new applications of our technology based on specific needs of the growers such as Lettuce thinning. We are looking forward to expanding more farming tasks in our robot.

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