Laser Weeder


The LaserWeeder is a pull-behind implement that seamlessly attaches to the back of tractors, enabling it to integrate effortlessly into existing farm infrastructure. The implement reaches across three crop rows (approximately 20 feet wide) and has 30 high-power CO2 lasers. The LaserWeeder leverages our sophisticated laserweeding technology, driven by AI deep learning models and computer vision software, to efficiently identify, target and eliminate weeds. The implement’s thermal-powered lasers zap the weeds at the meristem with millimeter precision, eradicating them from crop rows without disrupting the soil or crops. In addition, our patented lighting system allows the LaserWeeder to operate at whatever hour of the day the farmer needs in all conditions. Through all of these capabilities, the LaserWeeder can cover up to 2 acres per hour depending on weed density, soil conditions and other factors specific to each farm. Watch:

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