ALPO Electric Tractor wine straddle


The ALPO Electric Tractor wine straddle -4-wheel drive- has a power of 50hp and an autonomy offering up to 10 hours of work for a recharge time of 1h30. The right agronomic power provided by its unique light mechatronic architecture allows to preserve the soil during all the agricultural tasks and to mitigate climate change. Thanks to its versatility, it accompanies the winegrower daily in the agroecological management of his vineyards. The ALPO Electric Tractor wine straddle can perform all soil work (hoeing, etc.) and vine maintenance (trimming, mowing etc.) with all tools (mechanical or animated) using its hydraulic power unit and its ventral, front, and back tool holders. It allows to meet the triple agroecological performance (Environmental – Economical - Social).

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