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Opal-RT ITS is a spin-off of OPAL-RT Technologies company. OPAL-RT Technologies is a Canadian company well know as the leader of real time simulation for electric and electronic system. OPAL-RT ITS is the spin-off of OPAL-RT dedicated to the intelligent transport system. In OPAL-RT ITS we help the customer to develop, test and validate the intelligent electronic system such as AD/ADAS systems for automotive, autonomous tractor for agriculture or robotics systems for industry.


Our key solution, ORCHESTRA, offers the capability to integration different software solution together. This cosimulation platform helps the customer, like Renault, to develop their complex system. Today our system is used to simulate the digital twin of AD cars of RENAULT.


Today we deploy our solution for the agriculture environment. We integrate lot of complex models such as dynamics models or arms robotics components.

This solution is used in the complete V-cycle development of complex product. We speak about MIL/SIL/HIL/DIL and VIL platforms.

You understand that this solution is able to run on different types of hardware, in synchronous mode or in real-time.


To help the simulation beginners, OPAL-RT ITS proposes some consultant services on site or at distance.


CONCLUSION : OPAL-RT ITS will help you to develop as fast as possible your complex solution thanks to its flexible and affordable solution.

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