SCIENTIFIC WORKSHOP: GENERAL PRESENTATION - Accessible robotic technologies for the agricultural transition

Tuesday, February 7, 2023 7:00 AM to 8:05 PM · 13 hr. 5 min. (Europe/Paris)
Scientific Workshop_


February 7th will be the International Day of agRobotics research & development !

The 4th edition of the Scientific Workshop, organised jointly by INRAe and RobAgri, will highlight the latest Research Projects through presentations on cutting edge advancements in ag robotics and related technologies.The Scientific Workshop also enables researchers and industrials to meet to offer technology transfer opportunities.

Accessible robotic technologies for the agricultural transition

Advances in the field of agricultural robotics have made it possible to bring to market new autonomous machines capable of supporting agricultural change. Many of them are already present in different farms. We can thus understand the interest of their use in real operating conditions to reduce labor pain, reduce environmental impact, improve the quality of work, or even consider new forms of production. However, the democratization of these new robots within the farms implies that they are more accessible to the farmers and this on several levels, and in particular:

  • The simplicity of operating and understanding the actions of a robot
  • The cost and benefit of acquisition, operation and maintenance of robotic technologies
  • The guarantee of safety of use, without having to install heavy infrastructure
  • The ability of robots to be integrated in (established) production systems and cooperate with other robots, humans and their environment

These issues are fundamental for the use of robotics in agriculture to be really useful and efficient, in particular to support the agro-ecological transition.

This Scientific Workshop will aim to share the latest advances and innovations that contribute to making robotics accessible in the various agricultural sectors.

This day will be organized around 4 main themes. It will foster exchanges and to debate collectively on the ways to integrate all the players in the development of new robots to increase the adoption of new technologies.

  • Robot-x interaction

"From supervision to cobotics, interoperable and communicating robots"

  • From high and complex tech-cost to robust and simple low cost solutions

"Its efficient and low cost agricultural robotic solutions"

  • Safety and integrity of robots in agriculture

"Development and evaluation of robotic approaches to ensure safety"

  • Integration of robots in farms

"Feedback on the use and evaluation of robots in real-life situations”

International Scientific Committee

The scientific organization of the workshop is achieved under the supervision of the following committee.

  • Aït-Amar Samy - Acta
  • Aubé Christophe - AgreenCulture
  • Aubry Clément - Sitia
  • Dollet Anthony - Dintec
  • Gelibert Anthony - Carbon Bee
  • Lemaire Gilles - Poclain-Hydraulics
  • Lenain Roland - INRAE
  • Liebart Mathieu - CIVC
  • Lokhorst Kees - Wageningen University & Research
  • Lucet Eric - CEA
  • Mezouar Youcef - Institut Pascal
  • Perhirin Pascal - Actia Automotive
  • Youtsey Gabriel - University of California

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